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when I saw the game I knew I wanted to play it. 

The funny part was since I sit and watch tv, I didn't think I would get scared, I was so wrong. Well done game creators.

Good game :)

Hello, I would ask you if I can stream your game on twitch?


Very unique! I like the concept. Very relatable situation makes it that much more scary. The simplicity is great as well. Awesome job! I have no complaints. If you're checking out my video for the gameplay it's the 3rd game in the lineup. Thank you for making the game!
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Played this in a random horrors game it feels unique and definetly scary I actually like it despite being short 


This was a interesting and different experience for sure, thoroughly enjoyed

Well, I decided to revisit this by putting together a compilation of the best jumpscares and well here you go!

Really enjoyed this, keep it up.

The suspense and ambience was on point! I loved the game, short as it was. Sometimes I just like an experience, and this was just that. Your game wraps up my video

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Hey, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 15:32! Hope ya enjoy, mate!

I loved this, it was so refreshing after the past couple of games I have been playing.

 Your game is the second in the video.

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great game, the ending scare wasn't too scary but it was really  suspenseful. Game starts after intrO

Nice pixel game, I recommend :)

I play in russian. The game starts at 00:00

Simplistic but Effective, Definitely Weird and Unusual.
Here's my experience of it.

This game really got me with the spooks! The sounds were unsettling and I loved it! 

Pour les Francophones !

i love how spooky it was in a short amount of time 

Simple but nice game

 good :)

I really enjoy games like this! A little shorter than I'd hoped, but I get it, I just liked it so much I didn't want it to end :) Starts at 8:17!

SKIP TO 9:39!!!

I love the minnie story in this game and I really like the ending of it too so much that I put this game in a video of mine as the third game. I hope that is ok. Good luck on future projects!

great job the only thing i would change is the font and add some kind of interaction at the very end , been making a horror project with vibes like this so i automatically love this hah

This Game Was Incredibly Unsettling.... Great Job!! 

Really cool concept! Even though it was short I really enjoyed my time with it! Please make more games! In my video your game starts at 13:50. 
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