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(Had to re upload) Great game with good scared and a nice build up. I had a little problem with the dialogue but overall I well constructed game. I recommend everyone play this game to experience it for yourself.

Amazing Game! :D

Very effective for such a simple premis - Good work!

Pros and cons are down below) Check out gameplay here (the game is the 3d there):


1. I adore the slow build up the game has. It makes the player wonder what's going to happen and anticipate the scares.

2. It's so interesting how simple the gameplay is but how powerful the scares are. I got really terrified at some point, though the game even didn't even jumpscare me or anything. That means that the game is a good horror game.


1. The monologue is soo slow. It ruins the tension a bit as you wait for the main character to finish their line. Maybe it would be nice to make it a bit faster and skippable only by clicking, so it wouldn't be too fast for everybody.

2. The story is bits and pieces. There are some visuals shown in the TV but still... I would like to understand what happened and why. Maybe an epilogue would help or something like that.

3. Maybe that was intentional but one of the last lines started like a complete gibberish for me. I point it out here in case that was a bug.


I enjoyed that. The game would benefit if the player had more control over it (like blinking option or maybe channel switching at some point could become crucial for the main character to survive). So, for me it's 4/5 but with lots of potential. 

Hope my feedback was useful!

Thanks for the fun! 

Its amazing what you can do with single area for a game, when you combine good atmosphere with engaging graphics and good sound design, you can go far! And that is what this game did very well! Excellent job with this game! Keep up the great work! 

Great game with good scared and a nice build up. I had a little problem with the dialogue but overall I well constructed game. I recommend everyone play this game to experience it for yourself.

Awesome horror experience (1st game in the vid), look forward to more interesting ideas from this dev:

Loved the game and the uniqueness of the scary imagery. Out of curiosity, were some of the spooky images created with AI random generation or an image mixer? They reminded me of other images I've seen made through these processes. Thanks for the game!

very strange games but thats why i enjoyed it! definitely creepy for what it was!

We can't even trust our TVs anymore lol great work! This was the first game in the video! 

Where's My Kid Show ?!

Fun game and the jump scares almost got me its the second game in the video. 

Short and sweet, nice job

Bro this game was very interesting!!! Not all horror needs an immediate jumpscare or a whole lot of movement. I think this was well done for the length, and I would like to see more.

Pretty solid point and click game and the jumpscare in the middle scared the hell out of me very nice i love the type of gameplay of this its very unique

What i like about this game is the sound engineering/ compiling or whatever.... It really makes a difference with the jumpscares. Concept and gameplay is a great fit for a short indie game like this one!! nuf said.

Played this game and I think there is a solid game here especially for a game jam game. You might be able to even expand on it.

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It's a short experience, but effective :)

Feel free to give this video a like and subscribe to this channel! :)

Eerily short..

I enjoyed playing the game start to finish, even if a big majority of it was reading. The creepy figure popping up from time to time was creepy, the channel changing as the atmosphere did was brilliant, and the length honesty added onto the horror of it all. I especially liked how the story changed/picked up speed very quickly. Although I do wish there was more to the game, maybe a backstory or more channel changes, I enjoyed playing it. A strong 4/5 from me! Played at 2:12

This was pretty creepy, Nice work! It did leave me with some questions XD

a neat little expirencce

This was pretty cool! I would love to see this game expanded on work multiple endings, different entities, etc. Overall, a nice, creepy horror game experience! 

This game def made me jump. It was really cool and I REALLy enjoyed the style. If anyone is interested, here is my video on the game :D. The game is at 0:52

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Hello, I liked your game and did a video on it.

short and sweet

unique concept with nice old school graphics. Easy fun play.

Got me good once lmao atmosphere was great!


CRT TV is horror!


interesting concept. a bit weird but in a good way. I honestly enjoyed this game. I hope that you will make more in the future. keep it up!

btw if you are interested, here is my video:

Really cool concept! Even though it was short I really enjoyed my time with it! Please make more games! In my video your game starts at 13:50. 
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I loved this game and it was so creepy! Hope you enjoy my gameplay of your game! I really hope to see more of this game cause it was a bit short. (Short but sweet) I really loved the game style too! Also the ambient was great like raining and stuff! Check out my channel SilverChiara if you want!

Haunted channel surfing is so much fun. Great game!

hi, big thx for the great creepy game. i love it. greetings from rosti 😊😍

Super cool and spooky! I love the sound design and the ending! It really surprised me. 

I would have loved more things to do on the remote or even the T.V, by that I mean more buttons to press. It became almost robotic having just the single button the entire game. That being said, it was still very good!


This is a very interesting game. Interesting idea and concept,though I would like to see an expansion on this story as to what that thing was and why it does what it does. Please make more of this 

I'm definitely thinking about expanding it or making something similar! It's so cool to see people wanting more

You have made something great. Keep it up and it will be a classic


I loved Midnight Special! Though brief, it’s got an original premise and style all its own. We’ve all experienced being home alone after a late, tiring day, and that’s part of what makes this game work so well. 


Very interesting. Did not expect that haha

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This is so awesome!! Would it be ok if I post your video on my game page?

Not at all please do.

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