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I love the minnie story in this game and I really like the ending of it too so much that I put this game in a video of mine as the third game. I hope that is ok. Good luck on future projects!

great job the only thing i would change is the font and add some kind of interaction at the very end , been making a horror project with vibes like this so i automatically love this hah

This Game Was Incredibly Unsettling.... Great Job!! 

Really cool concept! Even though it was short I really enjoyed my time with it! Please make more games! In my video your game starts at 13:50. 

if you want some funny content then your in luck please feel free to subscribe if you like thank you 

Midnight Special is in the 5th edition of GAMES OF TERROR! legit gave me a jumpscare so nice job 


Okay, so I hate the ring... and I got HUGE ring vibes from this. I didn't really like the jumpscare, but it did get me. It's worth the playthrough compared to the other games they got on here. Honestly, if you used the same elements from this game and code in an asian lady with long hair... MONEY.

Skip to 6:52.

That part where you hear the footsteps of some massive creature in the distance creeped the hell outta me, but idk what that sfx was really for tho haha awesome concept for a quick horror game! I wonder how much scarier it'd be if it was 3d??

Nice work!

i got jump-scared a bit, but it was nice! 

All i wanted was to watch some TV...

I really enjoyed playing this game, it was spooky.

I really liked the concept of the game! The haunting that happens through an object like a poltergeist really works to create an uncomfortable atmosphere! Nice work guys! If you want, you can check the video below (the game starts around 10:55)  

Last game in this video. Nice work

Creepy but i think a backstory would have been good i guess

Second game ( starts at 9:25 )

Great game man short but had me on edge the entire time. Really good stuff. I hope you make more stuff like this.

Good Game! Rather short but fun experience! If you'd like to check out my gameplay you can see it right here! (: (It's the second game I play in this video)

Show post...


not much of a game, just a spoooookyy slideshow

This game was definitely weird for me but very cool and well thought out! gameplay starts at 9:16. scared me so much...thanks for the game!!

Btw, here is my video with reaction..I am a brazilian guy and the gameplay is in Portuguese :)

Really liked the game, nice and simple. Nice job with it and I could see it going even further. If you wanna check out my video on it, it's down below!

can you just make a game called "Cool Teens" where you flip the channels endlessly? thanks!

Anyone down for some Netflix and Chill? In all seriousness, pretty fun game. Was my first time trying out a point and click horror game and it didn't disappoint. The only thing I wasn't too big on was the last scare with the spooky ghost thing, but overall, pretty great horror game.

Hai! Cool stuff. Made you a lil video: 

Was a pretty interesting and fun game. The art style really suited the overall atmosphere and also the way the game looped at the end was a really great way of ending it! Didn't see that coming. It's a great game and good luck for future projects!

Short and effective horror game i dig it.

well this is interesting game and i think that the grim reaper from the sims lol

Deleted post

Short, simple, and really creepy - nice work! 

Just out of curiosity, was the protagonist responsible for what happened to the woman in the T.V. (car accident) or was this whole experience just a delusion/hallucination since the protagonist states that they are exhausted?

Oh boy was this game fun I love the sounds and the graphics are old style but amazing thanks for the great game and the night of horrors

Nice Game u got here. I like its atmosphere creepy.

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